Just The Tonic Holistic Therapies


L.A Skincare Mini Facial ~ 45 minutes

This mini facial includes a double cleanse to remove makeup and impurities, exfoliation, chocolate enzyme mask, scalp massage and finishes with L.A Skincare’s whipped cream moisturiser with SPF.


L.A Skincare Luxury Facial ~ 60 minutes

The facial begins with a double cleanse to remove makeup and impurities before a gentle exfoliator is used to buff away dead skin cells and bring a healthy glow to the skin. A rejuvenating massage of the face, neck and shoulders is then carried out using an essential oil blend chosen especially for you. L.A Skincare’s chocolate enzyme mask is applied while you are treated to your choice of a soothing hand, foot or scalp massage. The mask is removed with warm mitts. Finishing this luxury facial an application of serum and L.A Skincare’s whipped cream moisturiser with SPF completes the treatment.


L.A Skincare Sensitive Facial (45 minutes)

This soothing, yet highly effective treatment offers targeted results to gently rejuvenate the skin. The treatment begins with a double cleanse with L.A Skincare’s Squeaky Clean Cleanser, Sweetie Sugar Scrub is then applied (extra water is used to soften the crystals).

L.A Skincare’s Chocolate Enzyme Mask feeds the skin with nutrients and reduces inflammation and redness. The mask is removed and Soft and Silk is applied and completed with L.A Skincare whipped cream moisturiser with sunscreen.


Floating Goddess Facial (80 minutes)

This luxury facial will leave you floating into relaxation. Using the luxurious LA Skincare products tailored to your skincare needs.

It begins with a welcome back massage, double cleanse, exfoliation, and then a chocolate enzyme peel is applied and whilst the mask is working on making your skin glow a foot and leg and a hand and arm massage is carried out, and to complete this deeply relaxing facial, a serum, eye gel and moisturiser is applied to finish.