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Feel sensational – How to ease your back pain with these 5 tips…

Ok, so we are still in lockdown, are you feeling that back pain?  Do you want to feel sensational instead?

Me too…

Well, hopefully in a few weeks’ time I will be back doing what I love.

Ease your back pain – feel sensational…

Of course, that is pampering you lovely lot. However, in the meantime you are probably noticing the effects of not being able to have your regular massage during this latest lockdown?

What do I mean feel sensational?

There are many reasons not to feel sensational right now…

It could be as simple as, all you have wanted to do is sit and wallow and watch Netflix, sound familiar?

Until we are allowed to meet again, have a read of this to find some useful tips that you can introduce into your life to help you manage back pain.

Back pain and lockdown

So many of us were forced into home working. 

Yes ditching that commute to and from work seemed great.  Especially when you roll out of bed and only having to get dressed from the waist up for meetings!  Sound familiar?

However, the problem here was the lack of a traditional workstation.  Especially from a postural point of view.

The optimum position for your screen is the top of the screen at eye level.

Now, if you are unable to work at a table, this could have forced you to work from the sofa.

This means you are more looking down at your laptop and probably getting your core posture all out of synch too.

Your spine is happiest when it’s in a neutral position, this is very difficult to maintain when you are sat on the sofa. 

We end up using muscles that we don’t usually use and they begin to fatigue as the hours progress.  This in turn can cause you pain and aching.

How can I manage my pain at home?

It is difficult, I know.  But do not worry there are many simple things you can do.

Here are 5 ways to help you get that sensational feeling of well being…

Stay active

I do not know about you but when I have back pain, all I want to do is lie down!

But did you know that it is better to stay as active as possible.  So carrying out your daily activities i.e., housework and going for a daily gentle walk is more beneficial than lying down.

Try and keep moving, but also listen to your body, and build your daily activities up gently.

Do not do any strenuous workouts that are likely to cause an injury and make your back even worse.

Watch your Posture People

During the last year, more and more people are now working from home and sitting at a computer all day. 

Yes, I know most office staff sit all day at a computer, but don’t forget, that you are more active when you have to physically go out to work. 

At home it is completely different.  For a start you only walk down the stairs in the morning.

Head into the kitchen to grab your coffee and then possibly the next room to start your workday? (although if you live in a bungalow you wouldn’t even have any stairs to walk up and down!).

Wearing pyjamas has now become the new office uniform!

The first thing is to make sure that your workspace is as comfortable as possible. 

Your monitor is the correct height and position.  This means ensuring that your chair is comfortable and has adequate support for your lower back. 

Sit up straight and keep your shoulders relaxed with your feet firmly on the floor.

Also, take regular breaks from the computer to stay active.

Now this could be anything from walking around the house while the kettle boils or a quick walk around the garden.  You could even grab the hoover and hoover the front room.  Why not add a song and start singing whilst you complete it.  Get those positive vibes out there!

Stretch time – this has an incredible affect

I love stretching it really does help with reducing tension.  It helps improve mobility, and strengthening your muscles. 

Have a look on YouTube for some simple stretches.  Especially for back pain and why not try Yoga.

Yoga is great for improving flexibility and increasing muscle strength and tone.  I am new to yoga but already I am starting to feel the benefits, makes you relax more afterwards too. May be sneak a stretch in at lunchtime!

Apply Heat

Oh, I love a hot bath or shower.  Do you?  If I can be bothered to run a bath, the heat can really help to relieve aches and pains.

Why not put some Epsom salts into the bath, this is one way of easing those aches and pains.

Add aromatherapy…

One thing I find even better is adding some aromatherapy oils, chamomile is good for reducing inflammation and pain and lavender is good for pain relief, and helps you relax and smells divine.   

back pain

So ideal for soothing back pain.

I hope this helps…

I hope these tips will help you bring sensational into your life, even if it is just a little.

If you suffer with back pain, try them.

Even after lockdown has eased.

These tips will be perfect for in between massages or reflexology too.

Of course, even more so, especially now that more and more people will be working from home for the foreseeable.

Hopefully it won’t be long until I am back in my beauty room, I really cannot wait to get my hands on you all!

That is all for now

I will be bringing you more blogs each month. 

My aim is to share tips with you about looking after yourself.  Simple things you can introduce into your life, that can have a big impact.

Of course I will also be keeping you up to date with what I am up to with Just the Tonic Beauty & Retreats.

Take care, for now

Lots of love

Karen xx


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