Just The Tonic Holistic Therapies

Holistic Treatments

​Full Body Massage ~ 60 minutes

This full body massage focuses on warming the muscle tissue, releasing tension and breaking up muscle knots.


​Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage ~ 30 minutes

A relaxing back, shoulder and neck massage using traditional massage techniques and body oils tailored to your needs, includes the scalp.


Hot Stone Full Body or Back Neck & Shoulder Massage 60 or 30 minutes

Hot stone is a complete treatment for the body, mind and spirit. Using the heat of volcanic basalt stones, this treatment reaches deep into tired muscles, stimulating muscle rejuvenation and providing warm relief and relaxation, focusing on the whole body.

Full Body ~ £35.00 (60 minutes)

Back, Neck & Shoulder ~ £25.00 (30 minutes)

Bespoke Aromatherapy Full Body Massage ~ 60 minutes

This bespoke aromatherapy full body massage, will leave you feeling relaxed and truly pampered. A consultation is carried out beforehand to establish which pre-blended aromatherapy oil is best suited to your current needs. During the massage you will inhale the lush scent of the oil, which will promote beneficial changes to your mind and body.


Reflexology ~ 40 minutes

Reflexology involves applying pressure to a range of particular points on your feet that correspond to all your organs, glands tissues and muscles in your body. This helps improve circulation of blood and oxygen, thus relieving stress and healing pain in other parts of the body, whilst feeling extremely relaxed. A reflexology balm is used tailored to your needs.


Luxury Reflexology ~ 60 minutes

The luxury reflexology treatment will start with a warming foot cleanse, this helps to clean the feet and relax the body, it will then be followed by Dreamer spritz, which can help to promote relaxation and sleep, reduce pain and ease restless legs. Once this has been absorbed into the skin the reflexology part of the treatment can begin, with the feet gently massaged and the points stimulated. The treatment finishes with the application of Beauty Despite Cancer mild mint foot balm. Although originally formulated for individuals with cancer I find this beautiful silky balm works wonderfully for leaving feet super soft and because of its origins I know there are no nasties in there!


Indian Head Massage ~ 45 minutes

A treatment combining massage on the shoulders, scalp and face, including an eye cleanse. A series of techniques are performed to manipulate the muscles releasing tension and stress throughout the mind and the body, leaving you feel totally relaxed.


Mini Treatments ~ 15 minutes

Sinusitis Massage

Foot & Leg Massage

Scalp Massage