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Skin highlights stress – 5 sensational tips to help you…

5 sensational tips to help combat stress…

Life can easily get on top of us, but do not worry I am going to share some sensational tips with you.  These are some easy things you can introduce into your life to help ease some of the day to day stresses.

I know how easy it is to get caught up in the hectic pace of life.

How stress impacts your health 

This can result in stress and being bogged down with priorities and responsibilities.

This can all show in your skin and your body.  We sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.  Selfcare is really important.  So, this is your quick reminder…

Your skin is a window to what is going off inside your body

Stress is a natural part of life, of course and I get that.  I am sure you have heard that a little stress can be good for you.  

It’s that thing that gets our blood pumping and your heart racing.  It can drive us to do things.  However, chronic stress can be detrimental to your whole body.

How many times are you under the weather and you start to get spots or your skin dries out.  You feel it is unexplainable.  However, then when you look at things it can start to make sense.

Pay attention to those little changes and you will pick up on things sooner.

If we introduce some really simple things into our live – magic can happen!

How stress negatively can impact our health

  • Stress can cause breakouts and make skin issues worse by aggravating psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema.
  • Causes hives, rashes.
  • Encourages over-eating.
  • Stress increases addictive behaviors and aggravates depression.
  • Stress reduces your energy levels.
  • Stress is very disruptive to your sleep.
  • Stress impacts your hormone levels causing fluctuations that can definitely mess with your menstrual cycle and your moods.
  • Stress increases infertility in women.
  • Stress weakens the immune system.
  • Stress increases the acid levels in your stomach, causing heartburn and/or ulcers.
  • Stress triggers IBS symptoms.
  • Stress lowers your sex drive.


There is so much more too… 

A normal mind thinks about 70000 thoughts per day, but an anxious and stressed out mind adds in at least one extra negative thought per second!

What can you do?

I hear what you are saying and do not worry.

There is so much you can do.  A quick one, though, is to listen to your body.  Look for signs and be aware of sudden changes.  It is so easy to make improvements to our lives, it is just a case of knowing. 

But don’t worry, because this is what I want to share with you today and you can have some sensational benefits.

Not always easy…

I totally get that when you are in the midst of a stress period it can be hard. 

So for now here are some things you can introduce into your life. 

Many of these things can be done daily, some weekly and some monthly. 

However, these are all ways to create that magic in your life to help combat stress and help you feel sensational.

Learn Meditation and feel sensational

Start your day with mindful meditation.  Meditation is a little miracle in itself.

It really can set your energy for the day and keeps going throughout the day, too.

Meditation can give you a peaceful and calming feeling that stays with you for the day.

This is a powerful tool that can help clear those chaotic thoughts.  It almost gives you the power to acknowledge the thoughts and then let them ease away.  It is like magic!!

Some of the key benefits of meditating daily:

  1. better sleep, 
  2. balanced emotions,
  3. increased focus,
  4. improved concentration,
  5. clarity of the mind
  6. lower stress levels.

Exercise is key – feel amazing, release those endorphins

Introducing exercise into your daily routine can have long lasting health benefits.  It can really add some sensational improvements to your life.

Find a way to spend at least half an hour in motion. Exercise has a remarkable affect in both your physical and mental well being.

Just go at your own pace!  A gentle walk or a full on Zumba class, yoga or a few stretches on the floor, whatever your speed, just get moving.

Exercise can be an effective way of releasing pent up energy.  This energy can keep you anxious or tense.  Release that tension and feel amazing.  Try it now…

Aromatherapy – This is pure magic

Aromatherapy products can aid stress-relief.  There are so many oils you can introduce into your life.  A miracle in a bottle is what I think of when it comes to aromatherapy essential oils.

A couple of aromatherapy essential oils like Lavender, Rosemary and Basil have a remarkable effect on your body.

These oils can help you relax in mind, body, and spirit.  You have to try aromatherapy to really see how well it works and there are so many ways you can use these oils. 

You can use oils individually or mix them together.  Please feel free to chat to me about blending oils before you go ahead with this.

However, I do offer pre – blended oils which you can purchase at the salon.  These are a really quick and easy way to introduce aromatherapy.

These particular ones come as a roll on pulse point oil.

Aromatherapy can reduce the perception of stress.  This is due to the way it decreases levels of cortisol – stress hormone.

Why not carry around our worry free oil to calm those anxious feelings, whenever you feel them coming on.  You can just keep it in your hand bag.  Its like your own little secret magic potion. 

Room/Pillow sprays

Here is another tip if you struggle with sleeping.

Pillow sprays are fabulous to introduce into your evening routine.

I use a Lavender pillow spray, I often use this in my treatment room too.  It creates the perfect relaxation ambience.

Simply spray a few sprays on your pillow and around your bedroom and it releases toxins in the air.

Aromatherapy, when inhaled hits your all the senses in your nasal passage and sends messages to your brain within seconds.

Another room spray I love, is one for uplifting my mood.

Lemongrass room spray has a sensational way of giving you a pick me up.  

These room sprays are truly amazing!

If you can’t tell, I love aromatherapy and it has so many uses.

Massage – Feel remarkable after a sensational treatment

Introducing regular massages into your monthly routine can have a massive impact on the body as a whole.  Both physical and mental health. 

When you go for a professional massage, your therapist can incorporate aromatherapy into your treatment.  They can create a  blend to suit your individual requirements.

At Just the Tonic I offer aromatherapy massages.  They are all tailored to suit you and your needs. 

This way you can get the maximum benefits for helping relieve stress on your body.

Just to explain a little bit more… 

Aromatherapy oils not only smell good, they work in synergy with your body. 

The chemicals from the plants counteract your body’s stress response and bring you back into balance.

Sounds like heaven doesn’t it?

Back to your skin

Like I said, stress affects your entire body. 

Please pay attention to your skin as  it can reveal so much about your body, internally.

Stress can be hard to combat and that is why if you introduce some of the tips into your life you can keep stress at bay.

That is all for now

I will be bringing you more blogs each month. 

My aim is to share tips with you about looking after yourself.  Simple things you can introduce into your life, that can have a big impact.

Of course I will also be keeping you up to date with what I am up to with Just the Tonic Beauty & Retreats.

Take care, for now

Lots of love

Karen xx

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